Welcome to Grace’s Chopsticks!

Hi there, my name is Grace! I’m originally from China and have been here in the United States for 7 years.

Szechuan Cuisine-5

I love food and of course I love Chinese food most! But I’m so heartbroken with these Chinese restaurants here. The history of Chinese cuisine stretches back for thousands of years, but what are on the menus now? General Tso’s chicken? Sesame chicken? Beef broccoli? I know you may love them but these are never real Chinese! And I have never ever heard of fortune cookie before!

Fortune cookies?

So here, I decide to have this blog to introduce you some real authentic Chinese food! As you may know, there are 8 culinary cuisines of China, such as: Szechuan cuisine–spicy, tongue-numbing and heavily seasoned flavor! Szechuan Cuisine-2 Cantonese cuisine—an emphasis on preserving the natural flavor of the food, and dim sum! Szechuan Cuisine-3 Zhejiang cuisine–a light, fresh and sweet flavor and elegant presentation! Szechuan Cuisine-4 and Shangdong cuisine, fujian cuisine, Hunan cuisine and more! Here I will have some recipes for you to try out, discover the secret menu of good local Chinese restaurants, and also, invite you to my homemade dinner parties! So follow Grace’s Chopsticks to start our authentic Chinese food adventure!


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