Secret Menu @ Corner Asian Cafe

The two Chinese restaurants I love most in Nashville are: Corner Asian Cafe and China Town. Believe it or not, Corner Cafe has a secret menu offering some real good authentic Chinese food. Let’s go and find out!

Corner Asian cafe

Corner Asian Cafe is located at 10656 Concord Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027. And here is the seeecret menu:

IMG_0124 IMG_0127

My Top 3 favorite items are:

#1. Beef tendon and shank– the best in town!


#2. Fish fillet with picked Chinese cabbage in hot pot


3. Potato thread sir-fried in a spicy vinegar sauce


There are also some other dishes I would recommend:

Appetizers: Green onion pancake

Specialties: Spicy cumin beef

Vegetarian: Mapo-tofu

Noodle: Beef noodle (so good)


A few tips:

1) Chinese like to order several dishes and share them with family friends.

2) The main chef is off on Wednesday, so you know when not to go. 

3) It gets busy on weekends.

4) Here is the restaurant’s website:


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