Hi there, I’m Grace, just one of the Asian girls who love to eat, travel and have fun!


I come from Yinchuan, Ningxia, a small town in the northwest of China. We have deserts, mountains, rivers, and lakes! It is the wild west, yet also has its elegance.


When I was 18, I went to Shanghai for my undergrad. Shanghai is such a magical city and I loved every bit of it! During the college, I got to travel to a lot of places and ate a lot of great food.


In 2009, I came to the United States. From Hawaii to Alaska, from New York city to Miami, I have been enjoying every piece of it. However, the two things from China I miss the most are my families and the food. So, I started cooking.


I’m now living in Nashville, TN, a very lovely city. There are not too many authentic Chinese restaurants here, but some of them have a secret menu for native Chinese. And I cook too. Cooking is a lot of fun, but eating with friends is more fun! Well… sometimes we probably eat too much!


Wherever you are, follow my chopsticks to explore the best Asian food in town! Here you can find recipes, stories, eat-out events, and a lot of fun!


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